Friday, 15 June 2007

And... I'm back!

Long time no blog. I have been to tired/busy/lazy to blog lately, so I haven't. Until now.

I tried to upload some BG4 pictures but I discovered there's a maximum of like 7 photos that you can upload with blogger and I coun't get the justification/alignment right. Sorry people but I will have to show them to RL people "on-demand".

Work is not so busy. I'm not so emotional and I seem to somehow be getting bored easier these days...
I am also drinking more (except when I'm onsite - due to ERT).

Ok, time to stop babbling and try to recap on the last week or so...

Had the performance review (just before my boss left the company), but no word on a pay rise of any kind...

Last RDO was a big drunken blur as I just stayed home and drank (I was too poor to do anything else really), however I did manage to get a new Logitech G7 Laser mouse... niiice!

Well that's it! I'm all bloged out :P

Current Mood: Apathetic

Monday, 4 June 2007


This morning I plotted out (and walked) a rather nice 4.6Km walk through as many scenic parts of Kingsley as I could and, while walking it I passed two Mormon's that tried (and failed) to stop me to talk to me about their religion. I just told them I wasn't interested and kept walking, however if they had stopped me I probably would have given them a lecture about my perception on religion, which is that I don't believe in any of them (no offence intended).

I think my fitness level is improving as I am not as tired and don't sweat nearly as much as I used to and I am down to 80Kg now :)

My step dad gets back today (I think) and that means that I will have to tidy up a bit (not that I made much mess anyhow).

As usual, some of the systems at work have decided to fail, and I am the only one that seems to know about it. I hate having to VPN into the work network to fix things on my (limited) break and while there's a 64K/s shaping on my broadband link...

I might go visit my favourite (only) sister this afternoon. She always seems to be in a cheerful mood somehow, but I still haven't figured out how she does it.

Current Mood: Discontent

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Lacking Motivation

We passed the BG4 Course!

I'm back at home and kinda bored. I should be studying but don't want to.
Next week at work is going to be really interesting as I have to catch up on tasks and events that I missed while in my ERT training as well as revising for exams (in the evenings) and helping look after another site while a work colleague goes on holidays for a month starting yesterday...

The weather is surprisingly nice in Perth for this time of year and as usual, I am spending it inside :P

My step dad is away for the long weekend leaving me all by myself. Now if only I was still in my teens I would a party happening by now.

I will be posting some pictures of the BG4 stuff as soon as they are available.

Current Mood: Bored