Saturday, 1 December 2007

Refunds R US

Well the good news is I got my Alienware (failed purchase) refund!!!

Thanks to the nice people at my bank and even though I was expecting it, they did not charge me for it! Now all I need is the (OEM) Microsoft­® Windows™ Vista™ refund for my m1730 and everything will be perfect :)

The last few days have been pretty uneventful, except for the fact that I went and visited a friend last night, and saw the latest Heroes and borked my KDE install (I have to learn to stop mucking around with use flags) :P

Next week when I fly back up north to my workplace, there will be a party on "fly-in" night, but I am wondering whether I will go or not as I don't see any benefit in doing do, especially considering the fact that the majority of the people there will be drink and I cannot (one of the unfortunate side-effects of being an ERT member).

I think I'm becoming antisocial... meh :P

Current mood: Content


Anonymous said...

Draino is an apt name for your self (brain draino) there is a good reason your work mates give you so much grief, IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE TOTALLY IN EFFECTIVE, and sitting there waiting for your redundancey putting patches onto there network instead of debugging there problems probably pisses them off as well.
none of the girls are interested in you, they are just messing with your head

Friends said...

Anonymous! i don't like you...u r a bitch (boy or girl). u shouldn't speak to or about ppl that way, it's definitely unattractive. ur just gutless and ur pretending to be his friend, comments like yours are not what friends should say (hence the anonymous). if u feel that way don't read his blog, that's right his blog, not urs, butt out!!

Draino said...

Well, someone (that I DON'T know) is trying to play with my head and failing to do so. Not only can't they spell, but they have no knowledge of who I am and what I do and obviously misinterpreted this post by a LONG shot. Thank you friends.

Bitch said...

Wii know EXACTLY who you are and what you do. Wii are not playing with your head, we are INSIDE it, and the view is very dim. There was no misinterpretation, wii really DO feel you are useless, and do NOTHING that is to be appreciated.

Draino said...

So you CLAIM that you know me (You must be someone I know at work playing some stupid joke), but I honestly don't care who the FSCK you are. I will hereby be deleting any more derogatory comments post here (I bet theres more than one of you too).


Neutral but Amused said...

What did you expect??
The moment you mentioned work or people at work you left yourself open for these types of comments.
My only suggestion would be to stop blogging for your last swing and dont reply to any of the comments. People will get bored and stop harassing you eventually.

Friends said...

It's his blog he can write whatever he wants, you don't have to read it!!
Mt Magnet must be a hell hole because you all sound like little bitches. (except Draino):P
no wonder he writes about u negatively.