Thursday, 24 January 2008

Busy Busy Busy...

Did I mention that I was busy?

Well not actually that busy from work, but I am so freaking busy with personal stuff. I think I somehow slightly deserve my Sydney trip :P

Here's a short list of stuff I've got to do (in some kind of order I hope) Once I fly back home tonight:

  1. Get video camera (battery) on charge.
  2. Put some washing on for my long weekend trip to Wedge island.
  3. Go to the shops and do a last minute (clothes) shop for Sydney.
  4. Unpack bag from work trip.
  5. Bed (mandatory 8hrs of human rest)
  6. Bring washing in and pack for wedge.
  7. Pick up missed delivery.
  8. Go to Wedge.

Knowing myself all to well, I have either put too much thought into this, or forgotten something...

At least (I hope) the video camera will be available for pre-Sydney tinkering and perhaps I might consider putting some pics on my blog once I come back from there :)

Current Mood: Over-caffeinated? (Stressed!)