Friday, 23 May 2008

Battle Damage

Well, due to some idiot that blocked another person (driver) from being able to pull-in off the road caused me to run into the back of a utility and damage my car (see pictures).

So on top of continuing depression, my car is now out of action. I wonder just how much worse my day can be...

Current Mood: Indescribable

Thursday, 22 May 2008


For some reason today (tonight), after I saw a (non-romantic, non-emotion inducing) movie with my friends, and during my drive home I nearly broke down from an outburst of depression that came from no-where. What's even more strange is that another friend (not one from the movie outing) has recently been having panic attacks and/or depression as well. For me, maybe it's the lack of funds combined with excessive UNI stress and/or excessive bottled-up feelings and emotions...

Either way Sake will fix it (albeit temporarily).

Current Mood: Depressed