Sunday, 23 November 2008


Lately I have been very positive and happy, but today I'm feeling a little down. Which I find strange since I was fine last night (I was actually in a really good mood from dinner and a movie with a big group of friends) and today, but I'm slightly depressed (again).

Today, after doing washing and ironing and other stuff around the house, I watched a bunch of shows that I have been saving since just before UNI exams, and I think it's either that, or remembering about my mom's death (or both) that has triggered it.

I hope to blog about something a little nicer next time.

Current Mood: Sad

Monday, 17 November 2008


I have a new Job, new (near new anyway) car and a new Phone. The only thing lacking now is a house and GF

But Just when I though everything was going smoothly and according to plan...

The new car decided to leak oilz, but I have new car warranty (as well as dealer warranty) so it should cost me $0

Damn cars. This is going to cost me my drinking sesh on Wednesday night as I have to get up early to drop the car off for (warranty) service. *sigh*

At least I have Saturday night (planned) to have drinks and food over at the Greenwood Hotel :)

aphd3l: This post should reminded me to bring Greenwood Pizza next time I come over...

Current Mood: Mildly Upset