Tuesday, 30 December 2008


New years eve is upon us!
We are ALL DOOMED!!! :P

I decided to make at least one new years resolution: Loose Weight.

I've already cut down my food input and changed my diet somewhat, but I need to do more exercise like walking. And now I finally have motivation and support to do just that :)

Tonight I get to see GF again *grin*

So to everyone: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Current Mood: Happy

Monday, 29 December 2008


lol @ missleading post! :P

I'm just missing my girl ATM and having trouble NOT thinking about her...

I'm probably not making much sense, but I guess that's my point, because thinking about her is making it hard for me to concentrate on other things *sigh*

At least I am happy... happy and confused :P

Current Mood: Confused

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Hogswatch

That time of the year has come again, where we all get drunk merry and eat too much :P

My thoughts go out to all my friends (and random readers) in the hope that they have an enjoyable - or at least nice- christmas and a happy, if not content new year.


Current Mood: Cheerful

no time for love...

So much for a chrismas break with an a skeleton crew at work.

We are still behind and still taking normal calls and I am having difficulties seeing my girl :(

I may call in sick tomorrow if today turns into another full day (I only rostered on for half days ffs)!

Anyway, as you can see, I'm now absolutely and totally infatuated with her and I want to spend every spare second that I have with her...

Current Mood: Determined

Friday, 19 December 2008

Interesting Times

I think I am now at risk of being emo, what with all the weird emotions and ups and downs I have been having lately...

Oh yeah I passed ALL my UNI units from last semester *yay* and now I have to try and finish my last one next semester...

I really hope I can get finish UNI soon so that I can start concentrating on other more important stuff

I'm also unsure as to whether I am able to do my current job, as windows desktop dupport is really starting to bug me and make my life stressful, which I think is something I should avoid especially considering the fact that I want a UNIX/security career instead...

Things with the female friend are looking better, but aren't absolute (I wish I knew how she felt about me tho).

Anyways, singing off for now...

Current Mood: Cheerful

Thursday, 18 December 2008

maor emotions. DRUNK!

Damn, I was on a high for so long and now it all ands in tears...
(story of my life)

I'm a bit drunk so pls excuse the typos and any potential bad mouthing...

My love life is not what I wanted it to be (I was hoping for so much more) and I am a bit emotional atm...

I was supposed to go to a work christmas party this afternoon, but because the prior job was somewhat unresolved and took langer than expected, the rest of the staff at work enjoyed a nice asian lunch (without actually offering me any) AND the fact that I forgot my (personal) mobile phone and decided it wasn't possible to make it to Neerabup within 20 min from applecross I decided that I would prefer to mope for the night (probably not very healthy, but who cares atm, except for me right????...)

anyways.... vodka is my new friend atm....

Current Mood: Indescribable/Drunk

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

a date to remember

The cat's out of the bag (no I'm not doing mean things to cats :P).

I went out for a date on sunday night. But I'm starting to think she's not interested (It's still early days and could be wrong... I hope I am). Either that or I fail at courting :(

I was also a bit sad today from a combination of thinking about last night (where I went wrong), my mum's death and being tired.

At least one of my good friends is helping me by being as supportive as possible.

Current Mood: Sad

Friday, 12 December 2008

High on Happiness

Yesterday morning was not so nice, but my workmates unintentionally cheered me up and Today I'm high on happiness and I don't ever want to come down from it...

I almost have a permanent smile on my face and I'm way more cheerfull than I've ever been before.

Maybe it's because of the excitement of going to wedge and/or the work christmas party... or something much much nicer... (I'm bieng intentionaly vague again).

$2 to the person that can work out what it is!*

* only local friends eligible for reward.

Current Mood: Happy

UPDATE 14/12/2008 @ 14:16
Competition is now closed. There where no winners (except for me) :)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

micro holiday

Time for some pre-christmas R&R!

I will be going to Wedge for an overnight trip this weekend (Saturday-Sunday) and as usual, I'm going to be out of contact while I'm there.

Won't be drinking any where near as much as I did last time, but I'm going to take some books and pretty much just relax as long as there isn't too much work to be done on the shack.

Now, I wonder if I will remember to charge, take and use my video camera...

Current Mood: Cheerful

Monday, 8 December 2008

Insomnia strikes again!

Sleepless nights are back! :P
It's strange 'cause it's been ages since this happened to me since last time.

Oh well, I made it through the work day and that just makes me awesome :P

So I finished the last of my nice bottle of red wine I had open and now look forward to a relaxed nights sleep.

My friends want to go do some new years eve thing at the races or something but it's like over $200 for the night and I don't think I have the will to dress up for such an occasion. I kinda want to go, but the price is a bit steep for me.

I'm also hoping to spend new years eve with someone else, but if that doesn't happen I will probably try to go up to Wedge instead...

Current Mood: Tired