Monday, 19 January 2009

fishy fun

Yet another fun, but draining weekend has gone by...

I spent yet another entire weekend at my Girlfriend's place (we both worked out that they are always more fun than the previous one!), but this time was special as you will find out if you read on.

Saturday night we went to the Belgian Beer cafe to meet some of her friends. We had Oyster Rockafella (which she liked ^_^) as well as trying some really... different beers like: Peach, Cherry (Kriek or something) and one other sweet beer that I think was either Strawberry or Raspberry (I don't remember :P).

I wasn't very sociable that night though, but we ended up enjoying the rest of the night by going on the Perth Ferris wheel, which we had to share with a family though... and saw some small fish in the dim foreshore lights and worked out that we had the ability to command sea creatures! *lol (not really, but they where easy to scare with our shadows :P)

To top off the night, my girlfriend says: "Gee, it would be nice to have seen some stingrays today" and... viola! one appeared! in the freaking swan river!!! how cool is that!?

I also confessed my love to her... and so did she (after I removed all the tension :P)

Right now I am so happy and tired and... in love...

Current Mood: Drained

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

car & health

My car is getting looked at (this morning) so that I can get a quote to fix the scratch on my bumper from the small accident I had in the Duncraig village car park durring Christmas. This means that I am going into work late today.

I also have a sore throat for some reason. It could be attributed to the fact that my girlfriend has recently gotten over a cold... I wonder if this is just a coincidence (or did she give it to me and I just got a sore throat from it???)?

I can't stand the thought of not being able to kiss her though, because I haven't seen her all week...

Current Mood: Indescribable


I've finally changed my diet so that I am not only eating less, but also eating breakfast (cereal) in the mornings again and eating a light meal in the evening such as salads, with the exception of lunch because I never know where I will be during the day and I am forced to always buy my lunch (which isn't always a healthy choice due to lack of options or time).

I have failed to wash my car again. But I blame this computer repair job for that (see earlier post) :P

I want to buy another work shirt or two, a beach towel and maybe even a rug and/or beanbag for my room, but time will tell if I can get these before the weekend or not...

Also, I want to move out real bad. My step-dad is under the impression that I am depressed because of work (he has interpreted what I've told him as such), but I didn't have the heart to tell him that I'm agitated with him interfering with my affairs (both directly and indirectly) and his attitude towards me living here as he has mentioned a second time that I "must do whatever he asks because I live in his house", which I don't think is fair considering my soon-to-become-even-busier life.

Oh and apparently there is a partial solar eclipse on Australia Day too?!

Current Mood: Irritated

Sunday, 11 January 2009

i can has [a] life

Yesterday was awesome (I really do over-use that word :P). I spent the whole day with my girlfriend ^_^

First we went to Hillarys for a swim and banana pancakes @ Toscanini's for breakfast *drool*. Then we went to the movies to see Yes Man (which IMO was very funny), then went back to Hillarys for another swim :)

We then decided to go to my favourite Chinese restaurant in Sorrento before ending the night with a long, semi-romantic, moonlit walk through Star Swamp.

The best part about the walk was not only because I was with my gf, but we also saw two owls as well as a Tawny Frogmouth!

Now I'm at home doing washing and getting ready for work while wishing I was still at her place... *sigh*

Current Mood: Exhausted

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Problems @ home

I had a huge argument with my stepdad this evening.

He wanted me to do some computer work for his friend, even though I told him that I will not do it, yet he went ahead and booked me in to do it anyway! ffs.

Now here I am gritting my teeth and wishing I had my own house already (this is because the argument involved him mentioning that I can move out if I don't like his decisions blah blah blah).

I have been contemplating moving into a rental place for some time now until I can buy my own house, but I don't want to to move again.

I don't understand how he thinks that I have tonnes of free time on my hands (which is quite obviously not the case) and that I can be manipulated just because I live in his house?! It's really quite frustrating.

His recent negative Christmas attitude and predispositions on everything is really starting to affect me in a negative way too...

Also, things at work aren't so crash hot and a change of job may happen in the near future.

Current Mood: Frustrated