Wednesday, 25 February 2009

moar emo

This morning was strange.

I had a small inconvenience (forgeting to take my pre-prepared breakfast) put me into a bit of a foul mood early in the morning. Then later on in the morning a mistake that could have potentially cost me my job then changed my mood to being emo (emails + emotion = bad!).

What's most strange is that I got heaps of sleep last night (or so I though I did). But perhaps it was the lack of caffeine and food mading me grumpy coupled with the fact that my superior had a go at me for making a another petty mistake, made me almost bust out... or something...

On another note, I found an uber cheap (but unhealthy) lunch today!
A red rooster chicken roll, mini wrap and small chips for $6! Bargain!!! (the roll was on special).

Anyways that's enough venting for today :P

Current Mood: Neutral

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

wtb house

I get a little depressed every time I think about my living arrangement. I am getting pestered by a 60+ year-old man that treats me like a child and forgets just about everything.

I am also concerned about being able to afford my own house because of the current global economic crisis *sigh*

Work is anything but easy-going this week as we are short-staffed and I begin study on my final unit too, which I am going to take a few hours off work each week whether my superiors want me to or not :P

At least I have my gorgeous GF to cheer me up from this horrendously busy week...

Current Mood: Frustrated

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Valentines day has been and gone. And it was the best one ever (or should I say, so far...).

We (GF and I) spent the morning doing very little (except for watching Animated stuff), but that evening we went to a dinner at Lamonts in East Perth. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice stroll around the East Perth river area, then ended the night watching My Bloody Valentine (which is a would normally be a B-Grade movie IMO, if it weren't for the fact that it was shown in 3D).

I got a custom made, dark chocolate Heart with writing on it (no I'm not sharing what was written on it :P), and I got her Dopamine earrings (I thought is was so appropriate for someone like her).

I spoil her a bit, but I think she deserves it :)

So, don't expect much more blogging in the next few weeks, 'cause work is going to get awefully busy and I won't want to be doing any blogging....

Current Mood: Happy