Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Reading and such

Apart from the fact that I have way too many books to read/listen to now (thanks to my GF :P), not much has happened.

I got a belated birthday present from my favourite sister (my only one *lol)! 

On Saturday me and GF went to walked from Perth Central to Queens Gardens and on Sunday night we celebrated our 6 month anniversary with a really nice dinner at the new Breakwater Ishka restaurant

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

No more UNI

This morning I did my last exam. I *think* I have passed the unit and therefore the course, but until I receive a "course complete" notification, I'm not holding my breath. I will however start planning for my graduation gift for myself.

I now have job seeking and more study (for vendor certification) to look forward to *sigh*

My step-dad is getting more forgetful and even more pedantic over trivial matters too, of which he seems to get furious about more often. I need to start looking for my own place to live. now.

Current Mood: Disturbed

Sunday, 7 June 2009

UNI and Entertainment (the book)

I just fount out that I got 77.5% (31/40) for my second major Wireless Security assignment! *SQUEEEE!!!*

This means that I don't have to worry so much about the final exam as I should pass this unit finally (this is the third attempt at doing it too :P).

On another note, Me and my GF purchased a Entertainment™ Book, which has almost paid for half of itself in savings already already after two meals *lol

The great thing about this book is it's also entertaining just searching through it looking for new places to go to, things to do and places to eat at! It's so awesome!

I just realised that this is the sort of thing that all UNI students should have also. If I ever go to a SCiSSA meeting, I might just tell them about it and try get some people interested in distributing them... Meh, It has been fun and I will miss it in future, but I've had enough of UNI now.

Current Mood: Very Happy

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

It's almost over

UNI is almost over!

I have decided to (temporarily) stop looking for work so that I can concentrate on my final unit and it's exam (Wireless Security), then I should have my degree.

Once I have my degree (fingers crossed), I will get back to looking for work and begin self-study for my CCNA.

Things are going remarkably well with my GF too. We are doing all sorts of awesome, fun stuff like going for walks, going to expos and sharing & watching our favourite TV shows, Movies, music and of course, books.

Oh and as of 14/06/2009, it will be 6 months since we have been together (*yay*)!

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