Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Course Complete

I found out on Monday that the status of my UNI course is now complete!

That means no more UNI. Ever.

In other news; I am hopefully getting an iPhone soon.

I still have no work, which is making me quite annoyed as I will have to consider a random (non-career) job.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009


So Supanova has been and it was an absolute blast!

(previews) night was very very cold! we heard Spike Spencer talk about some of his stories from his CD "What Happens at the Con. Stays at the Con" and an auction of some donated stuff (including some of his own crap things like old con passes etc). We also saw two stories from "5 centimetres per second" in Japanese audio with no subtitles *lol and the first episode of Wonder Woman, which I realised had Nathan Fillion in it!

This was by far the most awesome day of them all!
As soon as we got in there, $GF ran straight to the Madman stand and bought some anime :P

$GF then got some comics signed by Tim Sale before we went and did some more stall searching and interacting with the cosplayers etc. We saw Spike Spencer's talk, bought his CD and $GF got some Neon Genesis Evangelion stuff signed by him.

We also went to Tim Sale's Q&A some time between Spike Spencer's signing and the Madman cosplay competition (which I was also waiting for my other friends to arrive). While they were out getting food, we wandered around, got more photos bought more useless junk *lol until my mates came back and we left at about 4pm

Wasn't as exciting as Saturday, but it was a day for looking at the things we didn't get to see on Saturday as well as $GF getting more stuff signed by Spike Spencer and seeing the silly 15 minute 3D tent thing :/

We also had all sorts of conversations with other random geeks on the train as well as lots of photos with cosplayers.

Oh we also found out the dates for Wai-con 2010 and discovered that Scott Sigler will be at Swancon!!!

Out of all this I managed to get some t-shirts and a free DVD (Argentosoma) from the madman Q&A session. All in all, it was fun, except I would love to see it move to the Perth Exibition and Convention Centre as the cosplay competition was way overcrowded!

And here are some pictures from the event:

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