Friday, 21 August 2009

a week with my girl

Next week $GF is on holidays and so to is my step-dad (the person I currently share with).

The good thing is that we have plenty of time to get to know each another real well and see what it's like to live together (I consider it like a training exercise :P)

So now I am charged with organising food, cleaning the house and other preparations before she comes over for the week.

I just hope that a certain friend of mine doesn't come over too often and overstay his welcome during this time...

Current Mood: Content

Thursday, 13 August 2009

playing the waiting game

I'm still unemployed and now running low on cash.

This is partly due to the so-called Global Financial Crisis.

I have been going nuts applying for not only Network Engineer (preferred) roles, but also Network Administrator and even hell-desk roles (as well as allowing for a pay decrease), but still nothing has stuck.

I am starting to get interviews with the employers, which means that I am getting short-listed, but haven't managed to gain employment yet.

The main things that are really staring to annoy me (which are also related to one another):

  1. Employers and agencies not return phone calls.
  2. Employers and agencies not following up on applications and
  3. Employers and agencies not identifying key points to unsuccessful applications/interviews.

I'm also having difficulty trying to get a random (non-IT) job ffs!

Current Mood: Frustrated