Sunday, 10 October 2010

whale watching (2010)

$GF and I went whaling whale watching on Thursday.

We caught the train to Fremantle and boarded the oceanic cruise vessel and to see a few pods of them gracefully doing their whale thing.

Unfortunately none of them breached, but they did surface right near the boat (Starboard bow) just before the vessel started up for the return journey to Fremantle.

We then decide to go eat at Cicerellos after getting hopelessly lost thanks to stupid directions by the iPhone/Google map application.

And not only but also, we squeezed in a movie session and saw Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole 3D

We then returned home very hot and sore from too much sun due to lack of sunscreen (we both forgot to bring it to whale watching) :-P

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Sunday, 26 September 2010


I had finally saved up enough to purchase a new TV!

I bought a Samsung 50" 1080p (FULL HD) Plasma which I ordered online from JB Hi-Fi and it was delivered to us two days after the order was made!

According to a JB Hi-Fi pamphlet, the TV was reduced in price the same day that it was delivered, but I could not be bothered arguing about the price reduction with them, due to the fact that it was delivered so quickly.

Not expecting it to arrive so soon, I was forced to purchase a TV unit (Opra 2230 - which I had discovered in an Anthony Murray's Furniture pamphlet about a month prior to all this).

Unfortunately, the TV Entertainment unit has been delayed, until (hopefully) next week, so I am a bit sad at not being able to use my brand new TV yet :(

Now what shall I 'christen' the TV with?

UPDATE 29/09/2010 @ 16:19
Had to call the furniture shop (multiple times) to confirm that supplier has delivered unit to warehouse, but we will not be receiving it until Friday at the earliest... *sigh*

UPDATE 10/10/2010 @ 13:33
TV Entertainment unit arrived last week and it's all post-drilled and TV is hooked up. Problem is, TV looks small on such a large unit :-P

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temporary modifications to circadian rhythm

I seem to have come up with a decent schedule for transitioning from two 12-hour days to two 12-hour nights within a 24-hour break.

Two separate sleeps (approximately 5 hours each) within allocated 24 hour break.

I tend to go to bed immediately after I finish my 0600-1800 stint and sleep for 5 hours and then get another 5 hours sleep during the day before beginning the reverse shift (1800-0600). Although it seems to work and seems to decreas stress on the body, I am still unsure if this is very efficient.

I haven't found any particularly useful sources of information to aid in 'transitioning' but I would welcome any comments anyone has on this subject.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

normality restored

Heya readers (the few that your are :-P)

We have normality. I repeat. We have normality.

As the blog title suggests, we ($GF and I) have a little more normality in our lives :-)

Roof tragedy. Resolved.
Car repairs. Fixed.
Monetary concerns. Decreased.
$GF replacement mobile phone. Pending

So now that the above has been somewhat taken care of, I now have time to Study, play games and relax with less worries.

I have also begun preparation for my Senior First Aid refresher course and resumed my never-ending Cisco CCNA studies in the hope that I can get it done (or at least ICND1) by this year.

$GF and I haven't had much of a change to go out, but we did recently visit the Perth Zoo to see the baby Giraffe and it's already bigger than $GF!

We also so the freaky artwork by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini at The Art Gallery of Western Australia
It looks so real (or should I say surreal?)!

Anyhow apart from the above, I also forgot to write up about our hot time at the Araluen chilli festival in Fremantle a while back where I tried death sauce (I think that's what it was called?). Tastings for it where only available upon request because it it so F#$%ing HOT! Not only did it make all my body and limbs tingle, but it also made me heat up and sweat profusely! It was awesome! :-P

That's it for now. I think. No wait! more of my friends are getting married!

Which means I now have to pick up pace a little... I need to do more engagement ring research, then organise a meeting with parents to ask permission to marry $GF and then propose...


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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

more tragedy ensues

Following not long after the car accident, we have had more disaster in our lives. The ceiling in the kitchen of the house we are renting in collapsed last night!

I was able to move breakable stuff out of the kitchen before it happened so nothing of value was damaged.

Both the property manager and one of my friends, didn't believe me that it was that bad.

Now for some pictures...

Saturday, 17 April 2010

More Battle Damage

This happened last night. Girlfriend accidentally clipped a bus ;_;

And here are a couple more the next day, before the car got towed away...

UPDATE 20/04/2010 @ 17:24
Quote is almost in, but in the meantime I have been told that it only front/side damage. Lucky for me there is no axle or chassis damage but there is some minor damage to the suspension. ETA 1-2 Weeks (depending on parts).

UPDATE 26/05/2010 @ 13:44
Repairer claims that job is almost finished and the vehicle is now at the mechanics. Still no ETA.

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

back from the dead

Well, I'm not actually dead, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this :-P

I am hopefully picking up the blog again after a small period of unemployment while I search for another job.

My $GF (one day to become $fiance...) and I have moved in together after over a year of courtship and we couldn't be happier, except for not having a washing machine, additional shelves, TV (50" 1080p plasma) + TV unit + Logitech Z5500 speakers :-P

We are also nice and close to a main shopping centre and a major northern suburbs train station which is extremely handy!

I have begun preparation for the CiSCO ICND1 (640-822) soon so that I can eventually get get a CCNA and move on from "Hell Desk" work which is all I am capable of with my current certifications...

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