Thursday, 18 March 2010

back from the dead

Well, I'm not actually dead, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this :-P

I am hopefully picking up the blog again after a small period of unemployment while I search for another job.

My $GF (one day to become $fiance...) and I have moved in together after over a year of courtship and we couldn't be happier, except for not having a washing machine, additional shelves, TV (50" 1080p plasma) + TV unit + Logitech Z5500 speakers :-P

We are also nice and close to a main shopping centre and a major northern suburbs train station which is extremely handy!

I have begun preparation for the CiSCO ICND1 (640-822) soon so that I can eventually get get a CCNA and move on from "Hell Desk" work which is all I am capable of with my current certifications...

Current Mood: Content