Thursday, 12 August 2010

normality restored

Heya readers (the few that your are :-P)

We have normality. I repeat. We have normality.

As the blog title suggests, we ($GF and I) have a little more normality in our lives :-)

Roof tragedy. Resolved.
Car repairs. Fixed.
Monetary concerns. Decreased.
$GF replacement mobile phone. Pending

So now that the above has been somewhat taken care of, I now have time to Study, play games and relax with less worries.

I have also begun preparation for my Senior First Aid refresher course and resumed my never-ending Cisco CCNA studies in the hope that I can get it done (or at least ICND1) by this year.

$GF and I haven't had much of a change to go out, but we did recently visit the Perth Zoo to see the baby Giraffe and it's already bigger than $GF!

We also so the freaky artwork by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini at The Art Gallery of Western Australia
It looks so real (or should I say surreal?)!

Anyhow apart from the above, I also forgot to write up about our hot time at the Araluen chilli festival in Fremantle a while back where I tried death sauce (I think that's what it was called?). Tastings for it where only available upon request because it it so F#$%ing HOT! Not only did it make all my body and limbs tingle, but it also made me heat up and sweat profusely! It was awesome! :-P

That's it for now. I think. No wait! more of my friends are getting married!

Which means I now have to pick up pace a little... I need to do more engagement ring research, then organise a meeting with parents to ask permission to marry $GF and then propose...


Current Mood: Happy