Sunday, 26 September 2010


I had finally saved up enough to purchase a new TV!

I bought a Samsung 50" 1080p (FULL HD) Plasma which I ordered online from JB Hi-Fi and it was delivered to us two days after the order was made!

According to a JB Hi-Fi pamphlet, the TV was reduced in price the same day that it was delivered, but I could not be bothered arguing about the price reduction with them, due to the fact that it was delivered so quickly.

Not expecting it to arrive so soon, I was forced to purchase a TV unit (Opra 2230 - which I had discovered in an Anthony Murray's Furniture pamphlet about a month prior to all this).

Unfortunately, the TV Entertainment unit has been delayed, until (hopefully) next week, so I am a bit sad at not being able to use my brand new TV yet :(

Now what shall I 'christen' the TV with?

UPDATE 29/09/2010 @ 16:19
Had to call the furniture shop (multiple times) to confirm that supplier has delivered unit to warehouse, but we will not be receiving it until Friday at the earliest... *sigh*

UPDATE 10/10/2010 @ 13:33
TV Entertainment unit arrived last week and it's all post-drilled and TV is hooked up. Problem is, TV looks small on such a large unit :-P

Current Mood: Exhausted

temporary modifications to circadian rhythm

I seem to have come up with a decent schedule for transitioning from two 12-hour days to two 12-hour nights within a 24-hour break.

Two separate sleeps (approximately 5 hours each) within allocated 24 hour break.

I tend to go to bed immediately after I finish my 0600-1800 stint and sleep for 5 hours and then get another 5 hours sleep during the day before beginning the reverse shift (1800-0600). Although it seems to work and seems to decreas stress on the body, I am still unsure if this is very efficient.

I haven't found any particularly useful sources of information to aid in 'transitioning' but I would welcome any comments anyone has on this subject.